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Study aim: Determining the Effectiveness of group training based on transactional analysis on adaptation and self-esteem of women prisoners Design: In this study 84 female prisoners were selected and allocated to two groups of control and intervention randomly (42 in each group). Settings and conduct: This study is conducted on the effectiveness of transactional analysis on the adaptability and self-esteem of female prisoners in the prison of female prison cell in Kerman. The researcher measures the impact of group training of transactional analysis on the adaptability and self-esteem of the female prisoners Participants/Inclusion and exclusion criteria: The inclusion criteria included women who had passed at least 6 months of their imprisonment period, women whose imprisonment period did not end during the study course, and women with educational level of at least junior high school degree. The presence of psychological and physical disease which requires hospitalization. Intervention groups: The TA training program was held in 8 sessions that lasted 90 minutes for the intervention group on a weekly basis. The educational intervention was presented by the first researcher and a psychologist through educational slides, lectures, group discussions, questions and answers, and the submission of thoughts. The control group received no educational program during this period Main outcome variables: The degree of adaptability and self-esteem of female prisoners
IRCTID: IRCT20170725035289N5
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