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This double-blind randomized clinical trial will be conducted to assess the effect of Echium Amoenum on premenstrual symptoms. The study population comprise 84 female students having premenstrual symptoms according to PSST (Premenstrual Symptoms Screening Tool) questionnaire and satisfied the inclusion criteria. The participants will be randomly assigned into Echium amoenum or placebo group. The participants in the intervention group will receive Echium amoenum capsule while participants in the control group will receive placebo with the same dosage. The outcome measures in this study are premenstrual symptoms, as obtained through the PSST questionnaire before and during the intervention. At the end of the study, two premenstrual syndrome sign scores will be obtained for every participant (1 before intervention to recognize the eligible samples and after 2 cycle intervention).
IRCTID: IRCT2015110822779N3