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Study aim: Designing a smart phone application for celiac patients and evaluate the effect of this application on patients knowledge and the rate of adherence to gluten free diet compared with conventional education in clinic Design: Two arm parallel group randomized trial Settings and conduct: Target population in the present study is adults with celiac disease in Tabriz. At first an application will be designed and its reliability and validity will be checked using 10 expert panel and also 10 patients. Then the patients will divided two groups; one group will received regular education in clinic plus application, the second group will only receive education in clinic. after 3 months patients knowledge (using questionnaire) and also their adherence to gluten free diet (using CDAT and serum tTG) will be evaluated. Participants/Inclusion and exclusion criteria: Being as a member of celiac association; biopsy proven celiac patients; aged >18 years old; educated and can use phone application. Exclusion criterion: disease that affect study outcomes. Intervention groups: Education using application Main outcome variables: Knowledge; adherence rate to diet
IRCTID: IRCT20170117032004N2